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Be careful, people

07-17-12 | 9:19 a.m.

Masturbation in a small stand-up shower with a handheld showerhead that produces roughly the equivilent force of a long-range guided missile that results in an orgasm of equally impressive force will lead to leg-wobbling dizziness, banging against a glass enclosure and knocking the shower door open with your ass as you struggle to keep your feet under you which, by virtue of the properties of a dropped showerhead spraying wildly in several directions, will soak your bathroom floor, the walls, the toilet and part of the ceiling when you grab the fucker and try to wrestle it into submission before someone wakes up because it sounds like a wild mustang has gotten trapped in the bathroom.

That is all. Resume your day.

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FYI: Rhode Island isn't an island. Stop asking me if I live on an island.
FYI: Rhode Island is not in New York State. That's LONG Island. WTF is wrong with you morons? Get a map.
FYI: Rhode Island is awesome. You can tell because that's where Family Guy is set. OBVI.
FYI: Rhode Island is smaller than Delaware but it is more epic. Proof? RI has 7 Amazing Superstore locations. Delaware has 0. VICTORY!!

The above has been a public service announcement. No one said the service is good around here.

Beyonce's Ass. I like it.

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